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At the Bodyology Center, we have been working with clients that have been challenged by losing weight and keeping weight off since 2010. Our program is a Mind and Body Reinvention, not just another diet. Call for your free in-person explanation.  Have a pen and paper available and call us at 954-929-7670.

My personal experience with HCG was very promising and for the first time in years, I was displaying myself to the public with a body that I was proud of. I felt fantastic. Losing 34 pounds in 30 days wasn’t easy but it was well worth the effort. Now I want to share what I have learned from over eight years of consultations with you. When you are ready, you will get all the time required with us to understand our programs.

Everyone loses weight that follows our HCG modernized protocol instructions. When a person calls or comes to Bodyology they are told at the very beginning “if you are not prepared to follow the instructions provided do not spend your money because the program will not work”. We tell them it’s like going to Diet Jail for 30 day stretches. If you do commit and you do follow the instruction, you are going to get a new body. That is a fact and you get out of diet jail too.

We give our Clients Three Rules.

  1. Eat breakfast every day without fail.
  2. If you didn’t read it don’t eat it.
  3. Take it one day at a time and reinforce yourself every morning that you have spent good money to begin this diet and then you cannot cheat or trick it and be successful.

It was early 2009 when the use of HCG For accelerated weight loss became popular again. All of a sudden HCG was everywhere. At that time there were two types of HCG. Legitimate prescription HCG and homeopathic HCG products.

What is certain, irrefutable and absolute is that there is no such thing as any form of Homeopathic HCG that will work for you. Do not waste one cent on phony Homeopathic products that have been banned by the FDA. Homeopathic HCG is a fraud on the public and should be reported to the FDA. Genuine HCG is a hormone and it is only obtained by prescription.

We quickly learned that the original protocol Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons was outdated. The original 500 calorie diet of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s needed to be modified. We feel that the facilities that follow the original 500 calorie diet have not done their homework. Evolution has occurred in our bodies, fast food availability and the way foods are processed.

At Bodyology we constantly seek to improve what we do. This is an obligation to the people that come seeking help for a problem that plagues our society. We are an overweight nation facing a situation of epidemic proportions.

Bodyology has been providing clients with superior quality pharmaceuticals and support materials. Returning clients admitted going back to their old ways just like me. I attributed this to old habits, compulsive behavior disorders and the Devil of the deal “LEPTIN RESISTANCE”. You will learn more about Leptin Resistance later.

During thousands of consultations with individuals, men, women, young, old of different racial genetics that have had shared situations with us during consultations there were two words that were never mentioned. Those words are Leptin and Carnitine.

Simply said, if your Leptin is out of balance you will never maintain healthy weight loss, active metabolism and use of stored energy. You will be a person that is Leptin Resistant or Leptin Deficient. You will be incapable of permanently maintaining weight loss because the signals to your brain are not working properly. Carnitine deficiency is another reason people are failing to lose weight and maintain it.

As a result, you now have The Bodyology Centers Super Modified HCG Assisted Diet Protocol with a focus on Leptin and Carnitine balance for a permanent successful weight loss program.

Reviews of
our Clients


I made a decision to do something about my weight. It is not easy once you are in a habit of making poor food choices to now make good ones. I went to HCG clinic and the people there are very helpful and want to see you succeed and lose weight. The people here are great. They encourage you and help to customize a diet that will work for you. I needed the support of people, nurse and Dr. who is consulted as needed.  The first two weeks are difficult. Once you start seeing you will stick with diet. The end result is what you keep your eye on!!!  Look forward to losing at least 35 pounds with the help of HCG Results Diet Center.

Miami, Florida

The staff at My HCG Program is great to work with. They understand your concerns and don’t try ‘hard sell’ you on a lot of things you don’t need or weren’t looking for when you contacted them. Their pricing is fair unlike a lot of other clinics that are trying to charge as much as they can for HCG or other services. I lost 30 pounds in my first treatment round and I am a return customer on my way to getting the other 30 lbs. off.

Hollywood, Florida

My HCG Program ROCKS!!! I just had my second child (which made me almost double my clothing size). My friend recommended this HCG Program her co-worker was doing and I was all for it! I’m now doing my 2nd Round of HCG with this clinic and I love it! Now I’m enjoying the results of the program. The staff is super friendly and make you feel like family. I don’t feel hunger and have none of my usual cravings. This is by far my best weight loss experience EVER!!!!

Hollywood, Florida