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Hydroxocobalamin B-12

What Hydroxocobalamin B-12 Injections Are And Why They Are Important

 Ten FREE Hydroxocobalamin injections will be given to you with every 30 days of the HCG Assisted Diet that you sign up for.

Vitamin Hydroxocobalamin B-12 deficiencies are more common than you think they are. This deficiency is sneaky and up to 40% of the population have it- many not knowing they do. Symptoms of the deficiency can include anemia, weakness, fatigue, pale skin, loss of energy, nerve problems, and heart palpitations. Hydroxocobalamin was born to treat this in order to ensure you get the recommended daily amount of B-12. The injectable vitamin B-12 can assist people who don’t get the daily amount of the vitamin in meals. Certain medical conditions can lead to the deficiency such as infections, stomach issues, and cancer. At the very low price of $50, you can receive an extra 10mL of Hydroxocobalamin that we can include in your prescription. This will last throughout the entirety of your weight loss program. Remember, do not EVER accept a vial containing HCG that is red, and don’t inject vitamin B-12 into fat tissue within the belly.
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