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The 30 day HCG Assisted Diet

The 30-Day HCG Assisted Diet Plan: $345

All clients must take the 7-day Digestive System Cleanse along
with the Life Extension Daily Multiple Vitamin

READ THIS if you are 15Lbs or more overweight : Very often, people who are overweight, obese, or have more fat around the belly are suffering from what’s called a Leptin Resistance. Leptin is a certain type of protein that is produced within fat cells, moves into your blood stream, and makes it’s way into the brain. It helps to send signals to the brain if you are capable of participating in normal daily activities and eat normally based on energy levels. Weight will be almost impossible to keep off until Leptin levels are corrected and there is no longer a resistance. In order to lose weight continuously, we will be adding Leptin Correction to your diet program.


Here at HCG Assisted Diet, we do NOT sell products that you can obtain at a pharmacy, not on our website or our business. You will be given a prescription that will include everything you need for your diet program.

Remember the phases of your diet program- you will receive your legal hormone injections for your first two phases, then you will be switching to a Paleo diet to correct the L-Carnitine deficiency as well as your Leptin resistance (if you fit the profile for needing it.) After this, phase 3 ensues with self-maintenance and phase 4 will be discussed during your consultation, as it is very important to your success. This complete process will begin after your application is submitted for a doctor’s approval, which will be sent to our state-licensed health care clinic.

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